Gold Trading Express Corp. is one of the leading

 buyers of scrap gold and fine estate jewelry.

Gold Trading Express is one of the leading buyers of scrap gold and fine estate jewelry


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Jewelry buyers, jewelry brokers and certain jewelry dealers specialize in buying jewelry and gems from jewelry manufacturers and from gem houses. Jewelry buyers, jewelry brokers and jewelry dealers also specialize in selling jewelry and gemstones to jewelry shops and to jewelry. Most jewelry buyers and jewelry brokers specialize in buying and selling fine jewelry and precious stones although some jewelry buyers may specialize in buying and selling semi-precious stones such as garnets, opals, and amethysts. Some jewelry buyers specialize in buying and selling certain kinds of precious stones such as a diamond buyer, a ruby buyer or a sapphire buyer. Some jewelry buyers specialize in only buying and selling finished jewelry pieces. Some jewelry buyers may specialize in buying and selling a certain kind of jewelry piece, such as a wedding band buyer.
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